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Our dancers in dresses from various parts of Sweden

Spånga Folkdansgille in English

Midsummer performance near Spånga Church

We organize the traditional midsummer celebration at the end of a week when we have danced at several nursing homes.

This year, 2016, our dance club celebrates its anniversary. it was founded in 1976. We do so by having a party on March 4th and in May we have English Miscellany, a folk dance group from Harpenden as our guests.

We have two dance evenings each week in Spånga, a suburb in Stockholm northwest.

The traditional costumes from different parts of Sweden need repair now and then and our group has a team helping out with that.

Performance in front of Hesselby Castle

Each year we perform at one or more festivals like this at Hesselby Castle.

How to catch a reindeer

Last year we gave a show with stories from different parts of Sweden with music, song, acting and dancing. Here we practise the reindeer herding of the aboriginals in the very north of Sweden.

Handicraft products for sale

A Christmas market for both children and adults, where the children can do the traditional plays that include dance, in the end of November in Spånga.

Music in church ceremony

We dance and play music in a service in Spånga Church at the end of October. The lady is playing a bagpipe.

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